Wordpress Plug-ins No Internet Marketer Should Be Without

Think of Wordpress as Content Management System that you can really customize a lot. Wordpress is only for bloggers used to be something mistakenly believed by some internet marketers. That myth has largely been dispelled because almost everyone knows it can be used effectively in online business. What's been discovered by so many is the insane level of customization that can be done with Wordpress. You can have your blog look and do whatever your heart desires with plugins and various widgets. You can do a whole lot more with Wordpress than just blogging about your summer vacation, or whatever. So read on to enjoy finding out about a couple cool and helpful Wordpress plugins for online marketers. http://goo.gl/Ins1Fv

You should look into the importance of 301 redirects, and you can use the Redirection plugin to handle that. It's important to see what's going on with 404 errors, and this plugin will help you track those. This plugin will help you with your site functionality without having to worry about pesky 404 errors, etc. The plugins operation is to send your visitor (301 redirect) to a URL that you decide on in the event of a dreaded 404 error. What's cool about this is obviously you won't ever lose another visitor because of 404 errors which tend to happen frequently. There are a lot of options available with this, so you can look very professional in the event of a 404 error.

As you know, people can go online with their cell phones, and you can use Wordpress Mobile Pack to properly format and configure your site for proper display on mobile phones. Cell phones are an integral aspect of our lives, so it certainly wouldn't hurt to make your site available to cell phone browsers. An interesting option with this plugin is users can view a site, on their phones, in the usual pc browser format, or the regular mobile browser display. You know how web surfers crave control, features, and options so this is something you will probably enjoy. They aren't locked in to just one format.

This plugin, SEO Smart Links, will SEO your links so the search engines will like them. You set the plug-in up to recognize the different keywords and phrases that you want your site to be recognized for. Then the plugin will find the instances of those phrases and create links to the same words on other pages. You can set it up to link to individual pages, posts, categories or even other tagged words.

Overall, Wordpress is a tremendous CMS for online marketers. It's completely free for anyone to use, and it's downright simple and easy as well. It is easy to customize and it very rarely runs into problems. There should really never be any problems accomplishing whatever it is you want from it. IN a lot of ways it is an internet marketer's dream!


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